Belize was the first trip Brad and I had ever taken together. Although we had only known each other for 3 months, it was the perfect place to both explore and relax!

Our itinerary:

7 days (including flights)

Day one: We departed LAX, and landed in the country’s only international airport, Belize City. Without even leaving the terminal, we then hopped on a short flight over to Ambergris Caye. This flight was on a tiny puddle jumper plane, I think there were only 14 seats (including the pilot). Although we were both a bit hesitant, the flight was less than 20 minutes, and the view was AMAZING!

After landing, we grabbed a cab and checked into our room at Las Terrazas Resort(which I highly recommend,

We had dinner and drinks at the resort, before walking out to one of the gazebos overlooking the water. I remember thinking how quiet and peaceful everything felt at that moment, I couldn’t wait to start exploring this incredible country!

Day two: After spending the night in our villa, we woke up hungry for food and adventure. I unknowingly ordered one of the most delicious breakfast items that I had ever eaten before; fry jacks (AKA flappy jacks).I know I won’t be able to explain these things to the extent that they deserve. Just do yourself a favor, and make sure you order fry jacks AT LEAST once while you’re in Belize.

Flappy jacks

We spent the rest of the day biking around town. Being able to sight see and make pit stops whenever we wanted for drinks/food/pictures was so relaxing. This was the day we were also introduced to the beer of Belize, Belikin! Quick tip about that: make sure you wipe the bottle with a napkin before drinking. There’s a debate about whether that’s due to the bottling process, or the acidity in the air that causes rust when it’s being shipped. Either way, just wipe your brew.


Day three: We really didn’t have much planned for this day, but I knew I wanted to snorkel at some point. We were walking along the beach when we found a little boating company that offered private tours to Shark Ray Alley. This ended up being my favorite part of Ambergris Caye. We snorkeled for an hour in the Barrier reef, and then another hour in Shark Ray Alley. Now, when you’re offered the opportunity to snorkel with sharks, an appropriate reaction would be to decline. However, it turns out that nurse sharks are sweet and cuddly! (Brad would disagree) I mean, just look at these little guys:

nurse shark

Day Four: Time for the next stop on our trip, Caye Caulker. We had to choose between another flight between islands, or take the water taxi. The water taxi was significantly cheaper, however, I wouldn’t recommend it. The seats are all below deck, there’s minimal ventilation, and you don’t know who you’ll be sitting next to…like possibly a very stinky man.

Fortunately, you’ll likely forget about that stinky man the moment you step off of the boat, because this is your view:

caye caulker 1

We were picked up in a golf cart (there are no vehicles on the island), and then taken to our Airbnb for checkin. We stayed in the Caye Caulker Towers, which was an affordable/quaint option with a clean pool, and free bike usage. We spent the afternoon swimming, swaying in hammocks, and eventually found ourselves at the Lazy Lizard Bar. If you need help with directions on the island, ask a local, or follow one of these cute signs:

caye caulker 2

Day five: After our lazy day on Caye Caulker, it was time to leave the island for the last portion of our trip. Like I mentioned before, there is an airport on the island! We hopped on a flight back to Belize City, and then picked up a rental car. We drove about two hours across the country, then checked into our last destination, Chaa Creek Resort. This place was nestled in the middle of a nature preserve, and there were iguanas/monkeys/butterflies EVERYWHERE. Now, I’m all about being one with the animals, but I can’t lie, those iguanas freaked me out. Just know that they will be roaming about as they please, whether that’s next to the front desk, or beneath your feet at the bar.

Moving on; we spent that afternoon canoeing around the property’s river, and ended the night eating tamales, while listening to the (loud) noises of howler monkeys in the trees.

Day six: This was our last full day in Belize, and quite possibly the most memorable. We booked the ATM (Actun Tunichil Muknal) excursion which basically sounded like a cave hike. However, it was so much more than that. We started by hiking for a bit, did some river crossings, and then made a pit stop at the mouth of a cave. What we didn’t expect, is that we were going to literally SWIM into the cave, then traverse through crevices, while traveling about a mile into this underground destination. Our guide was pointing out different artifacts and markings along the way, explaining the history of how this cave system had been used by the ancient Mayans. I really can’t do this place justice just by describing it, so do yourself a favor and book the ATM cave if you’re ever in Belize!

Day seven:This was such a bittersweet morning for both of us. We knew our Belizean adventure was coming to an end, but we had 1 more stop to make before heading to the airport. Xunantunich is an ancient Mayan archeological site right on the border of Belize and Guatemala. In order to access the entrance, you have to ride a ferry across a small river. When I say ferry though, picture a little ramp that is literally being pulled by a man on the other side with a rope system. It was quite unique!

Anyway, we spent a few hours walking the ruins, and soaking in a bit of history. I should also mention that there were more iguanas here than at Chaa Creek, and they blend in with the stone! The views at the highest point were pretty epic, and in my opinion, the perfect way to end our trip:

mayan ruins